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MR COOL offers a complete line of Heating & Air Conditioning Products. Standard Cooling and Heat Pump Systems.


Mini Split Systems - Single & Multi Zones Packages for the “Do It Yourself “ installs.


Split Units - Interior Air Handlers and Outside Condensers. R410 products for new and replacement projects.


New Line of Universal Splits Systems - Pre-charged Line-sets for DIY installs


Packaged Units - Easy to install when replacing your existing unit.


Gas & Electric Furnaces - for Replacements or New installation


Air Conditioning & Heating Units

 Air Handlers / AC & Heat Pump Condensers / AC Coils. This Series can be install utilizing our DIY pre-charged line-sets. Can also be mix & match utilizing MrCool Furnaces.

2 - 3 Ton or 4 - 5 Ton DIY Systems

MRCOOL R410A Packaged Heat Pump

MRCOOL Packaged A/C &  Gas Unit

MRCOOL R410A Air Handlers

MRCOOL  R410A Condensers

MRCOOL 80% Gas Furnace

MRCOOL 96% Gas Furnace

80% & 96% AFUE Complete Split System A/C & Gas

MRCOOL Evaporative A Coils 


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MRCOOL 4th Generation Ductless Mini Splits & Multi Zones

Pro Direct Series / AC & Heat Pumps

Signature Series / AC & Heat Pumps

Multi Position Up-Flow / Down Flow / Horizontal

Multi Position Up-Flow / Horizontal

 Up to 20 SEER Ultra-Heat Inverter Unitary Condensing Unit and Air Handler This INVERTER DC COMPRESSOR offers the highest energy savings to heat and cool your home or business. Extremely quiet db. With today’s High Energy cost this technology can’t be beat

For complete Gas Furnace Systems visit:




You can create you own system by using the:


Signature Series AC Condenser & A-Coil




Universal Series AC Condenser & A-Coil


When using the Universal Series you can use the DIY pre-charged line-sets to DO It Yourself


Create a Super Energy Efficient System

MrCool U-Shape Window AC Unit


8,000 btu – 10,000 btu – 12,000 btu 

All are 110v/115v

Tired of the noisy standard window AC units? This new design will keep the noise outside, with the window closed, and the air handler inside giving you a better feel for security.

Easy three-step DIY installation. Step One: affix the included bracket into the window. Step Two: put the unit onto the bracket. Step Three: secure the side arms. It's literally as easy as One, Two, Three!

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DIY Ceiling Cassette

Olympus Series


Single Zone

Multi Zone